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+ Comments (0) The Chief - 14-01-2009 08:00
I'm currently making a photobook about my trip to Iraq (it's just shy of two years since I came home - it doesn't feel like that much) and in the process I've reviewed all 10.000 or so pictures I have from down there. I had almost completely forgotten about this one, but it's not that bad. I think the frame of leaves is awesome. The two victims of the photo are the major who were in charge of my company - in the front and in profile - and behind him his buddy, radio operator, driver and bodyguard. Yeah, he had a lot of functions. This is, by the way, picture number 300 on this blog. That's actually not bad :-)  
1/400 sec, f 10
300 mm (450 mm @ 35 mm)
Flash: Not Fired, ISO 400