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+ Comments (0) White Water - 17-08-2007 08:00
Vil du hellere se siden på dansk, så klik på linket oppe i højre hjørne.

Today's picture is from Yosemite National Park in California. There we attended a free photo workshop we accidentally stumbled upon. It was sponsored by Canon and we had plenty of opportunity to play with some of their expensive gear. Both of us had the pleasure to use a Canon EOS 5D during the workshop. Not a bad camera at all which has once again confirmed to me that which brand you choose is just a matter of personal preference. This picture, though, is taken with my own camera, as this was the one my polarizer would fit.

The last couple of days I've been optimizing the mechanics behind my photoblog which has turned out a Google Maps overview of my pictures. I'll be trying to set a position on every new picture I post and perhaps the entire collection will be geotagged as time passes. I haven't yet got a GPS-receiver for my camera, so for now the positioning is done manually.

Furthermore (as you might have noticed) I've added another language on the site, so that the standard language now is english. But fear not! The danish version is still to be found on the link in the upper right corner. I will attempt to translate the older descriptions, but don't expect them to be translated soon.
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1/4 sec, f 32
65 mm (98 mm @ 35 mm)
Flash: Not Fired, ISO 100